Business Start-Up Kit

Again, another eBook that you would like to read and consider in starting up your  business.  The book is under ISBN 0793160278 and published by Kaplan Business in December 12, 2002.  It was written in english with a paperback of 288 pages.  However, a PDF file is already available for download with of course requires free registration.

Business Start-Up Kit

Accordingly, the book described as everything you need to know about starting and growing your own business, from’s small business columnist, Steven D. Strauss. Entrepreneurship has many potential rewards, and also carries unique challenges. Learn what works and what doesn’t, along with scores of tips and hints in an easy-to-read compendium from one of the nation’s foremost authorities on small business.

Ok, ok, ok…some of the things you will read in this ebook may or may not be applicable to your situation or otherwise.  However, just by reading, it help us learn and add new things, new knowledge.  It’s better for us to be prepared before going all out to your choosen business battle.  Remember that information is power.


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