Business Registration


Running a business is not only about having a great product/service and certain amount of capital, but also requires certain permits and licenses from several government agencies.

We understand that new business owners are busy with management and operation. Registering your business can require considerable amount of time and effort. We are experienced in this task which is why we offer our assistance in acquiring business permits and licenses to various government agencies.

We determine the correct business vertical and  identify corporate structure and incorporators.  Our services includes draft Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws and process documents with SEC and other government agencies.

  • We will provide registration forms and list of requirements to clients.
  • We will assist client in filling-up registration forms and completing the requirements.
  • We will submit filled-up registration forms and other requirements to government agencies.
  • We will follow-up status of registration.
  • We will pick-up permits/licenses and deliver it to client.