Still doing taxes yourself?

Regardless of the challenging situation with the Coronavirus, tax deadlines are still coming. It may have been moved for some dates, but surely it will come. How are you coping up with your tax compliance? Still doing taxes yourself?

The deadline to file and pay your taxes can be found at the BIR website. Thus, if you’ve been putting off your taxes, now is the time to file. Else, you are facing penalties and interest as we are all aware of ignorance of the law, excuses no one.

If and when you need to, get help from an expert. Yes, now is the time to maximize online tax support and avoid physical exposure. Get started with us, Bong Corpuz and Co. CPAs, and you’ll get better tax preparation, expert guidance, upfront pricing, and proper ways to file.

Here are additional tax resources for your reading:

  1. Revenue Memorandum Circular (RMC) No. 57-2020 
  2. BIR Certificate of Registration (BIR form 2303)
  3. Penalties for late filing of Tax Returns


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