We revolutionize the way we do things for our customers. Our success has been driven by our passion for great services.

We have dedicated ourselves to providing exceptional service and expertise to our clients. We have earned our reputation for integrity by ensuring clients receive the highest quality work and attention. Through expertise, timely responses and deliverables, support, communication, and respect.

As an owner of a small business, my strength is on the creative and development side and my weak points are in accounting, taxes and financial records.

Corpuz Consulting offers good service and is very helpful to be able to be contacted when we need their advice urgently. I’d recommend their services to anyone looking for assistance in starting a new business.

M.C. Robelas
Pivot Edutainment
Quezon City, Philippines



I am the head of the Legal Department of Pingdelivery Limited, an International Logitics Company located in London. We are looking for a professional in Manila, Philippines who can handle our requirements and found Corpuz Consulting Services. We are glad about our choice. Mr. Bong is a highly skilled professional, who provides qualitative professional services. He successfully assisted our company in resolving issues and wide range of consulting which includes collection, classic debt recovery, background and credit checking as well as legal matters. Thus, we willingly recommend him for any local or international company.

Madina Kabisova
Legal Department
Pingdelivery Limited
71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden
London, England



Basically, I do not know “Bong” and nobody recommend to me about his services in relation to SEC Registration especially since we are living and working abroad. It seems difficult to start the registration, until I found and selected Bong Corpuz (www.bongcorpuz.com) via Web browsing. He has done a great job for us, getting our Stock Corporation set-up with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) quickly and correctly. He was very professional and detailed in assisting me on what processes and steps to do. Further, even in terms of payment of his services, well I can say that “He is transparent for every transactions and surely we can trust him”. I don’t think we would’ve got it done without his help and assistance.

In the future, I think I will need again his expertise especially when my Business will be in running operation.

Thank you for helping us. We will definitely would use the services again and recommend to many other people.

Glennon Marasigan

G Plus Home Comfort HVAC Services Inc.
Tiaong, Quezon Philippines

G Plus Home Comfort HVAC Services Inc.

When I saw the website of CORPUZ CONSULTING SERVICES, I immediately contacted and had asked them to send me a proposal for business registration assistance and consultancy. Mr. Rommel “BONG” is extremely knowledgeable, experienced and compliance in all aspects of Business Finance and Accounting. I highly recommend CORPUZ CONSULTING SERVICES for your business.

Chief Financial Officer / Director
Easylend Global Company, Inc.
San Fernando Pampanga, Philippines


We are happy we found and selected Bong Corpuz (www.bongcorpuz.com). He has done a great job for us, getting our non-stock non-profit set-up with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) quickly and correctly. He was very professional. I don’t think we would’ve got it done without his help and assistance.

Thank you for helping us. We will definitely would use the services again and recommend to many other people.

William Head
Harbor House Ministry of Mindanao, Inc.

Harbor House Ministry of Mindanao, Inc. (Ozamis City)

As a client of Corpuz Consulting Services, Mr Bong Corpuz our accountant, is very friendly and knowledgeable. We have found ourselves extremely happy and satisfied with the quality of services offered by his company. All questions and inquiries are answered in a timely manner either via email or phone. In addition to handling our business year-end taxes, his company also does files our monthly required tax estimates, helps us with our financial planning and strong emphasis on knowing tax implications and strategies that may offset taxes, including tax paying planning (before April 15 when it’s too late to act and plan). I would highly recommend his services for anyone who needs a trustworthy accountant!

We look forward to a continued relationship.

Ma. Luisa C. Lobaton
True Freight Global Logistics, Inc.
Makati City, Philippines


After a bad experience with an agent whom I met through a friend, I came across Bong’s website. I was impressed with its informative content and decided to give Bong a call. At that stage, I had already entrusted our SEC application with our then agent. It had been almost a month and a half and we weren’t even at the SEC submission stage!! I was desperate as we needed to form a partnership as soon as possible. Being a foreigner, there were other considerations. Bong missed my call but returned it a while later even though I was abroad! Subsequently,we corresponded and all the questions I had in the past month were answered in a day! We then decided to engage him even though I have never met him.

This is what I have to say about Bong:

1) He is responsive

2) He is well informed of current bureaucratic developments and is ready to answer all your questions succinctly

3) He delivers what he promises

4) He is the most efficient person dealing with Philippine government agencies that I have ever seen.

Loh Soo Kheng
S and G Trading
Quezon City, Philippines

Loh Soo Kheng (S and G Trading Co.)

Bong, has been doing my accounting and tax requirements since the inception of my business and he is consistent and professional. Filling business or personal taxes has always been completely hassle-free.

Bong is very professional and a great guy. Even in challenging situations, he is a big asset!

J.D. Montanez
Rodriguez, Rizal
Quezon City, Philippines

J.D. Montanez, Inc.