Professional firm, part 2.

When I first thought of putting up a professional firm, a CPA firm, in particular, I chuckled and said now this one is a serious stuff.  Well, of course, I am always serious when it comes to my work and profession.  And as a workmanship, I must say there is no room for errors.  I regard our profession, the accountant’s work, as a high value service. It’s not that I am an accountant, but being a CPA is a high value profession, isn’t it?

Look. You tell me who does taxation? Who knows of a financial well-being? How about debit, credit and financial statements?

That is why most if not all CPAs are paid well.  Indeed, even entry level CPAs are getting a good pay in a large corporation.

Whew! now, I am hearing an opposing sound hahaha.  There…some violent reactions from the crowd. =D

Nonetheless, for sure, if you’re a CPA and want to keep an above par salary and sustain it, its simple.  First,  keep your focus on your work. Second, keep updating on technology.  Third, keep your license and certifications valid.  And lastly, keep on advancing in the ladder — if, and if there is a ladder to climb up with hehehe. Seriously, you must keep on advancing!

Anyhow, going back to my firm, putting up one is a personal thing for me.  Of course, naman, everyone who puts up their own business thinks it’s personal hahaha.  However, mine, its one of my dreams, when I got hold of my CPA license given by the Professional Regulation Commission back in ’97, yep, yep, I thought of yeah someday I will establish my own accounting and auditing firm. And I am pretty much excited about it.

For some professionals, organizing a firm appears too boring.  Some may consider it indistinct. Others, consider it as challenging, promising, and rewarding business.  I am one of the latter. Why, because starting a firm is a relatively low-risk venture with plenty of reward.

So how did I start it?

What is my business plan?

Stay tune…


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