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Bong Corpuz & Co. CPAs, has been doing my accounting and tax requirements since the inception of my business and he is consistent and professional. Filling business or personal taxes has always been completely hassle-free.

Bong is very professional and a great guy. Even in challenging situations, he is a big asset!

J.D. Montanez
Rodriguez, Rizal
Quezon City, Philippines

J.D. Montanez, Inc.

On behalf of the Beta Sigma Phi 1965 Fraternity-Sorority, I would like to thank the person who became the mediator in the registration of  our fraternity and sorority to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  From the very beginning, I already lost my faith because of some obstacles that I personally encountered on how to register our fraternity-sorority. Then I met my Co-Engineer in Singapore and he advised me to coordinate with  Mr. Bong Corpuz, the managing partner of Bong Corpuz & Company CPAs.  I was so skeptical but I communicated with him through e-mail. I personally don’t know Bong and I have never meet him before and no personal knowledge regarding his personality.  However, I found out that the consulting firm that I have engaged in doing the SEC registration is very sincere.  Most of all, the firm is dedicated to their commitments and to the services that the company is offering.  Bottom line, our dream and goal to become an SEC registered fraternity-sorority turned into a reality.

Thank you to  Bong Corpuz & Company CPAs.

Bello Z. Homeres





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