Requirements: Business Permit Renewal (Corporation)

A business permit is required to any person, group or corporation who establishes, operates, conducts or maintain their business with a municipality or city.  It should be renewed annually on or before the 20th of January.

Here are the requirements for business permit renewal for a Corporation.

1) Application form duly filled-up & notarized with location sketch of place of business. Normally, the form is available at the business permits & licensing office of your municipality or city.

2) Current Barangay Clearance.

3) SEC Registration & Article of Incorporation.  CDA Accreditation if Cooperative.

4) Official Receipt for the previous Business Permit.

5) Original or Copy of previous Business Permit.

6) Real Property Tax (RPT) if you owned the property where your business is situated.

7) Lease Contract if you are occupying the property under lease agreement.

8) Occupancy Permit.

9) Certificate of Gross Receipts for the previous year signed by the President or Treasurer.

10)Audited Financial Statements from previous year stamped received by the BIR or Quarterly VAT retuns (BIR Form 2550Q) or Quarterly Percentage Tax Returns (BIR Form 2551Q) or Monthly VAT Returns (BIR form 2550M) or Monthly Percentage Tax Returns (BIR Form 2551M).

11) List of employees and their addresses.

12) Recent Community Tax Certificate (Cedula).

13) Official Receipt or Insurance Policy (CGL).

14) Recent Official Receipt for Fire Safety Insurance Certificate.

Please take note that the business permit must be displayed in  a prominent, “easy to see” spot within the establishment’s premises.


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