Export Declaration : no more manual submission!

Starting June of 2012, submission of export declaration is now through on-line or BOC e2m lodgement as they call it.  It means no more manual submission. Therefore,  if you have upcoming export shipments, then you need to arrange your CPRS (Client Profile Registration System). Please take note that registration depends on which category you belong. For the regular or the normal shipments, registration will be handled by Philexport. On the other hand, PEZA exports are under PEZA, BOI is under BOI agency while CBW is under CBW agency.

You can choose from the 3 system providers accredited by Bureau of Customs. These are E-konek, Intercommerce and Appollo. The corresponding lodgment fee amounting to Php45.00 per lodgment for E-konek and Intercommerce while Php30.00 for Apollo.

For your references, you can download the following:

1) Documentary Requirements

2) Exporter Form

3) Importer Form

4) CPRS for Partnership and Corporation


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