For CPAs: 2011 BOA Accreditation Applications

Here is a good news!

News, news, news….

The Regional Trial Court Branch 128 of Caloocan City issued an injunction on the implementation of PRBOA Resolution No. 88, Series of 2009 and PRBOA Resolution No. 23, Series of 2010.  Now, until the final resolution of this case, the Board of Accountancy is not implementing these resolutions.

Well, well, well, this is so  good, especially for all the CPAs out there practicing,  because until the case is pending, and until further notice, applicants for 2011 BOA accreditation, whether initial or renewal, will be required under R.A. 9298 and its implementing rules and regulations, to submit proof of participation in the review of internal quality measures adopted within the firm for the last three years in accordance with PSQC 1, Quality Control for Firms that Perform Audits and Reviews of Historical Financial Information and Other Assurance and Related Services Engagements and PSA 220, Quality Control for an Audit of Financial Statements.  These documentations will be subjected by the BOA or its authorized representatives to inspection and validation at the time and place designated by the BOA as one of the prerequisites for accreditation.

Inquiries may be made at the PRC Standards and Inspection Division. This is in lieu of the requirement of QAR enrolment under the QAR Program.

So there, the QAR…

For those who would like to know about the Board of Accountancy (BOA) accreditation requirements, here is the link that may help you.


36 thoughts on “For CPAs: 2011 BOA Accreditation Applications

  1. Individual practitioner as a CPA, is not via as ble anymore. To get some certifications out from CPE requirements, you disburse amounting to P150,000.00 more or less, due to seminars held in different places. Quality assurance is quite a bull shit from BOA. How the individual poor CPA, can pay as much as 500,000.00. for the additional payment to an auditor. Look at me I am an auditor,and yet I am a pauper, due to the poor clients can not meet the requirements. I tried to follow all the rulings of BOA, see me now, I can not let my children to enroll in any
    expensive school. They are educating in a public and masa private school. Bullshit sa mga officer sa BOA AND make some laws and rules. Mga hudas kamo. Kasi nakaposition na kayo. Give chance to the poor and new CPAS PASSERS

    1. I can feel your sentiments Susan. But do not worry, there are CPAs out there who, in their heart, is in the crusade to protect the bullied in this (our) profession. A group of CPAs who will uphold our rights, be heard, and most importantly to stand for our principle that our profession’s development should be our right and privilege with equality and fairness for all.

      Just send me your email so that I can update you.

  2. Hi, how can I be a practitioner of external audit? I had 2 yrs and 7 mos in an auditing firm and im working now as an internal auditor. Am i eligible for the accreditation? thank you and more power.

    1. Ashley Joy,

      One of the basic requirement is at least three (3) years of meaningful experience in the scope of work covered in the practice of accountancy. Meaning, you need to secure sworn statement by the single practitioner or the Chairman / managing partner of the partnership stating, among others, that you are a member of the firm. If your worked for a firm its so easy to defend but if your a single practitioner you need to have a detailed description of your work and experiences.. perhaps even showing all those financial statements as your masterpieces.

      After this then the other requirements that you can find here.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Sir, may I ask please, is there a minimum CPE unit per year? 15 units daw po? Is it not that what is required is 60 units for 3 years? How about sir the Internal Quality REview Procedure, is it still needed because it is not included in the list above….
    Your response is very much valued…

    1. Jeremy,

      For your 1st question. Nope, none. There are no minimum requirements as long as you can accomplish the required 60 units within three years. The tricky part of this, however, is that you will spend a lot of time should your option is to complete most of the seminars and training on year 3.

      For the QAR, nope its not yet part of the BOA renewal. We are still waiting for the final, final, final decision. =D

      Thanks for dropping by.

  4. Sir, every year uma attend ako ng picpa convention since 2008, at marami akong salihan na seminar sa taxation at PFRS, pati yun QARP kaya sobra sobra 60 units ang CPE ko. Pero nang nag file ako ng initial accreditation sa BOA noong January, sabi kulang ako ng 7.5 units sa Ethics at 7.5 units sa PSA. at eto pa sir, meron ba standard na format para gumawa at isulat ang Internal Quality Review Procedure kasi kung yun QARP, PSQ1 at PSA 220 ang susundin natin, di ito applicable sa single practitioner dahil para lang ito sa partnership.

  5. Sir, sa initial application to be BOA Accredited ba kailangan 60 CPE units? Can i earned that ba within 1 year o SPREAD EVENLY in 3 YEARS?

    1. Gerald,

      The basic requirement is a minimum of 60 CPE credit units earned for the past immediate three (3) years. Meaning, it must be in connection with your the basic requirement of at least three (3) years of meaningful experience in the scope of work covered in the practice of accountancy. But I don’t see it wrong or disqualification if you earned the 60 CPE credits for only a year. =D

  6. Sir, I would like to ask whether kami na naka gained ng experience in government and in the industry as accountant are qualified to apply for a BOA accreditation? Thanks for your reply

  7. Hi Bong,

    For the information of all cpa in public practice seeking renewal of their BOA, the requirements prior to the issuance of the QAR Enrollment is stll to be followed. There will be no more QAR Enrollment fee to be collected thru online banking at BDO. This had been a part of the STATUS QUO ANTE ORDER OF THE COURT, IN ITS ISSUANCE OF THE PROHIBITORY INJUCTION. With all of this development it is now the right time for all of us in the small practice of accountancy to close rank. Please support us in our quest to protect the small cpa in public practice.


  8. Hi, i have been working in private company as accountant (more than 10 years). i have little audit exposure. i plan to pursue the practice of accountancy (individual) next year. Given the requirement of 3 years of meaningful experience, how can i meet this when i don’t have much audit experience. Is there any other alternative to meet this requirement such as accounting experience and the seminars (audit, tax…)? If they will strictly require this, how i can even start practicing since i am not allowed to audit/sign FS if i dont have the accreditation…

      1. Efelyn, the total of three (3) years of meaningful experience in actual accounting work either in the public practice, commerce and industry or government sector.

    1. The total of three (3) years of meaningful experience in actual accounting work either in the public practice, commerce and industry or government sector.

  9. Hi Fred,

    We pay P15,000.00 for the QAR last December 2010 before the TRO issued by the Regional Trial Court Branch 128 of Caloocan City. How can we recover it to PICPA?



  10. I am a fresh grad and newly passed cpa this oct ’11. para po maka-sign ng docs, anong kylangan? Thanks 🙂 Mabuhay po ang mga Filipino CPAs.

  11. Hello, do you have a format of internal quality control procedures? honestly, i really don’t know what to write. I’m going to apply for BOA accreditation for the first time, and this is one of their requirements.

  12. hi i am a new cpa (oct 2011) and currenty in government practice, nabasa ko po na kelangan ng ALL CPAs in practice of accounting ng 60units of CPE within 3yrs para magrenew ng license. as a cpa in govt. practice may specific seminars lang po ba ako na dapat attendan? or any seminars offered by CPE providers will do? thank you po

  13. hi, my question is the same with Ms. Ria Yap.. can you provide us sample copy of internal quality control procedures? tnx..

  14. Hi Gianne,

    The CPE requirements for renewal of CPA License is a joke. 🙂 You’ll just need to pay the renewal fee at PRC.


  15. hellos sir bong just want to ask if there is a standard form for Internal quality review procedure for individual cpas … thnx hope you can help me on this matter….

  16. GOOD DAY… the CPE units series of 2008 says that the 60 units shall be earned for 3 years; minimum of 15 units shall be earned per year…. Is the 15 units strictly enforced?… secondly, is the breakdown of the 60 units shall be followed also?

  17. I am a CPA from Mindanao and I would like to claim refund of the P4,000 I paid as 50% down payment to QARP enrollment as requirement to renew accreditation with BOA. It was announced during Butuan PICPA convention last year that refund shall be given to those not required for QARP, but how?

  18. hi po..i’m working for 7 yrs as accountant in private firm, i’m planning po to have my license accredit by BOA, pwede ko po ba kunin yung seminars in 1 or 2 yrs? or i need to spead it sa 3 yrs? Thanks po

  19. Hi po sir Bong, kumusta po kayo? salamat po dito sa blog ninyo at akoy nalinawan po sa aking mga katanongan regarding BOA accreditation. Nais ko lang po sana humingi ng pabor kung may template or format po kayo sa internal control review procedures? Ito nalang po ang aking kulang para makompleto ko na po yong mga requirements. Baka po meron po kayo dyan na pwede kong gawing guide.

    Salamat po ng marami.. God Bless and more power!

  20. Hi Sir Bong, can you post in this blog the breakdown of 60 CPE mahirap kasi na pag accreditation na dun mo malalaman na may sobra ka na topic and worst is, may topics ka na di na-attendan

  21. Hi Sir Bong,

    Read some articles here and even the Q &A and all are helpful and interesting.

    Anyway po, my colleagues and I have plan to put up a outsourcing business that will offer an accounting services abroad and locally. My question here is that, if we are to put up po a partnership and will cater bookkeeping services locally, is it needed that all of us be a registered bookkeeper in the BIR? Do we need tp become a TAX agent for us to be able to sign the return though I know that there is a threshhold where we could sigb the returns since our target are just SME.

    Are there any process and requirements do we need to undergo before we could start? And since we are not yet registered in the SEC, can we already start our operation?

    Thank you so much in advance. Hope you can help us po.


  22. sir bong, i came from commerce and industry and i would like to apply for accreditation with boa so that i can join the public practice sector as well. my question is about requirement no. 5 that partially states as follows:

    5. Sworn statement by the individual CPA…………..
    a. had a meaningful participation……………….
    b. had undergone adequate………………….
    c. are all of good moral…………………….
    d. he/she/they had not been………………


  23. Hi Sir Bong & my dear Colleages! I have been in commerce and industry as Internal Auditor for over 7 years and I am intending to join in the public practice of accountancy. Can you enlighten us on our initial steps to undertake for the accreditation? Thank you po!

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