A Professional Firm?

Blogging requires time and subject matter. Obviously, “BUZINESS 1”, tackles business. Haha! Anyhow, like other individuals with a sort of etrep-mind, I too have explored several business(es), well of course, that sort of biz that will not only survive in recession time…but will also thrive…and most importantly it is within my capital budget to start with. =D

Frankly, most, if not all people, specially here in the Philippines, don’t have millions of pesos to spend for a J’bee or McDo franchise, unless you’re an “MVP” or a “Wheel” so to speak. So, in short, alternative business, small to start, medium rare if in case, to a level up big kill company like in-asal(mo) would be the answer.

Yep yep…franchise, franchise, franchise. Franchise there, franchise here. From a food kiosk to food kart. Even ice scramble (is-kramble) franchise — those ice-shaved desserts, whew! Anyhow, FRANCHISE that is not my topic for now.

Okay, since my exposure and years of experiences are in the field of finance and accounting acquired from several companies; different industries, aside from my being a CPA and a CFC, why not? A firm instead? Yes, a professional firm, a consulting one, a company that I can practice my profession and be happy.

A professional firm? What are my drivers, my motivational factors? Those BIG accounting firms are firmly stable milking those top corporations. If I am one of them, no chance of letting this money making machines este companies go. Next in line firms are as hungry as wolves trying to fish what are left, and fish those that are already in the BIG firms’ aquarium. Individual CPA practitioners are pop-ing like kabute naman.

So what do I have to offer? What is my edge?

I will answer those in my next issue. Stay tune.

Cha cha.


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