To Blog or Not to Blog

…it’s been quite some time now, haha almost five (5) months of no blogging at all while i am so darn busy with work, business, profession, family, friends and some fun, oh!  facebook also ate my time!  and i almost forgot that  i made myself a promise!  yep yep, a  promise to contribute and share my knowledge, opinion, views, my experiences about business.  yes, simply business.   businesses that i  have encountered, businesses that i wanted to develop, businesses at the back of my mind, companies and businesses that i have worked with, businesses that i find and found interesting, some tips, registration processes and other things that will hopefully help you people out there on your business or soon to be business.

anyhow, i am back on-line and i will again write.  hmmm, yes write! certainly, i will  source other materials from the internet- sea of knowledge aside from my notes of experiences and stuck knowledge.  i hope the knowledge is there nonetheless.  of course, most if not all of the subject matters will be authored by me.  i am not a pro when it comes to writing though, simply because i am a finance guy plus the fact that my undergrad course was a bachelor of science in accountancy degree.  so i am not the type of guy who loves keying typewriter and computer keyboard just to make a story. but i love excel spreadsheet, my software ally.  and calculator too, who happens to be my best tool ever. meaning, i am more into cracking numbers, analyzing figures, nah, no-no-no not the 36-24-36 figures, its more than that obviously….. and of course knowing the story behind the numbers. oohhhh, the lotto numbers? well, that is another story. jejeje.

don’t worry guys, aside from the “cpa” letters after my name, another three letters, the “cfc”, will soon to be added after completion of the requirements.  let us see however,  i am crossing my fingers, else i will settle in getting “mba” instead.  anyhow i am still young. oh by the way, cfc stands for certified financial consultant, i know but it’s not that …not couples for christ.

so there, i am now again blogging.  i think i have googled  and crawled some interesting business sites and articles which i have found helpful… i can share those with you gals and guys as a starter.  let me check first my bookmark ok? then i  will post all of those for your information and references. but in the mean time,  feel free to comment, suggest, and perhaps add me in your friends list if you have an account.


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