How to apply for BIR Tax Identification Number in the Philippines

Based on the Tax Code of the Philippines under Sec. 236 (j), for a proper identification with regards to tax purposes, any person may it be natural or juridical must submit or file a return, statement or other documents with assigned Tax Identification Number (TIN) to the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

Here is a guideline for application of TIN for self-employed and mixed income individuals.

Required Documents

Before applying at for TN at any Bureau of Internal Revenue, one must ensure that the following documents are at hand.

• Any valid identification which shows the name, address and date of birth of the applicant. Valid Id’s may include any of the following: driver’s license, passport, Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) ID, birth certificate, Social Security System ID, company ID or the likes
• Mayor’s permit when applicable. In case the permit hasn’t been released yet, the proof of application will do.
• Prior to the issuance of the BIR Certificate of Registration (COR), a Certificate of Registration of Business Name coming from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) must be submitted.


• The first thing to do once the required documents are ready is to fill up the BIR Form 1901. The filled up form together with the required documents, must be submitted to the Revenue District Office who has the jurisdiction over the registered address of the business establishment.
• After the submission of the filled up form, payment of the annual registration at the amount of P500 should be made at the RDO authorized agent banks.
• An additional payment of P15.00 should be made for the certification of fee and another P15.00 for the documentary stamp tax. Documentary stamp tax should be in loose form to be attached to form 2303.
• The Revenue District Office (RDO) shall then issue a Certificate of Registration (Form 2303).

Remember that the deadline for TIN is before the business starts to operate.


39 thoughts on “How to apply for BIR Tax Identification Number in the Philippines

  1. I need help securing a TIN number, will be working in magallanes area… so here’s my number, text or call me maybe.. 0915-1189299

  2. what if i’m not employed yet and doesn’t have any work yet.? Could still i have a TIN number from BIR..?

  3. what if i’m not employed and doesn’t have worked yet. ? Could i still can get a TIN number.?

  4. My daughter was asked for a TIN, so, she applied for one, but was told that one of the requirements is a Barangay Clearance. When she went to the Barangay Hall, the Barangay Captain is not there. Was told to come back Monday, but not sure if she will be issued for one, because they said, she is not registered as a Voter.

    Does this mean, the Brgy Captain will not entertain your concern/s if you didn’t vote for him/her? Or is that just protocol?

    Yes, she’s not registered as a voter (yet) because she’s still 17. Does this mean we can’t get a clearance?

    Why can’t be the BIR just be like, “You wan’t to ask for a TIN, so you can pay taxes? Sure, here’s your number, make sure you pay your taxes”. OR at least, a valid ID like passport, and NSO birth certificate as a requirement, that should be at least required, don’t you think so?

    Does this mean we can’t get a TIN because we can’t secure one of the requirements?

    We live in E.Rodriguez (about across St Luke’s Hospital) area, Quezon City. My daughter’s TIN is required in ABS-CBN, because she’s one of the contestant/artist on the VOICE OF THE PHILIPPINES.


  5. I agree ltamon. Why can’t they make it simple. TIN is there so that we can pay taxes. In a time-paced environment, we have to make things faster… Being a bit longer in getting Taxpayer’s ID No. is very troublesome. I want to raise my middle finger in their faces… ’em being strict on getting TIN when in fact government officials being so corrupt! Why can’t a gov’t official see this problem. Somebody should give attention to this really.

  6. I am applying for a COR for a new business. The BIR told me to submit receipts and book of accounts but how can I get them if I’m still not operating. :/

    1. What the BIR personnel probably means is that you need to provide a blank book of accounts. Either you buy one from a bookstore or buy from the BIR, if available. BIR stamped book of accounts is a requirement before operating a business.


    1. Crissy, to update your status just fill out the BIR Form 2305, attached a copy of your Marriage Certificate and submit this to the BIR Revenue District Office which currently holds your TIN registration.

  8. I’m a contractor and has no employee-employer relationship so I can’t get a tin no. because they need my employer but I don’t have an employer. I’ve been working for a year without tin.

    1. Hi Marbs,

      You must apply for a TIN. I suggest you also apply for a business registration too, single proprietorship will do. This will make your business legal and the opportunity for growth is more viable.

  9. Hi I need your help. I want to have my tin ID but I dont know my tin number. I already ask our admin here in our office and per them, the process is within a month. I need it as soon as possible but how ?? please help me

  10. Hi, I need help, does the same process stated above applies to all? meanining when a foreigner who has a business in philippines wants to apply for TIN???

  11. Hi,,i know i had tin number before when i was working in the philippines,,how will i know,,what is that,please help thank u very much

  12. I need help regarding applying for TIN for a foreign national (individual) for the registration of the corporation. The foreign national is currently on a Balikbayan Visa but have applied for Temporary Residence Visa, just waiting for approval. Corporation is a domestic corporation comprised of 60% filipinos, 40% foreign national.
    What are the requirements?
    How long does it take to get a TIN?

  13. I need help gusto ku kumuha ng tin number how do I applied for that what I need to bring when I applied.and how long it takes to get.

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