Think and Grow Rich

This book is a collection of principles for the attainment of wealth and financial independence.  It was written by Napoleon Hill at the behest of American steel magnate Andrew Carnegie, who was fascinated with success and wanted to understand why some men became successful while others in very similar circumstances did not.


Over two decades, Hill interviewed 504 people, including such luminaries as Ford, Wrigley, Wanamaker, Eastman, Rockefeller, Thomas Edison, Woolworth, Darrow, Burbank, Morgan, Firestone, and three United States Presidents.  Most of those interviewed began in poverty, with little education and influence. Yet, they all managed to become very successful at amassing staggering amounts of wealth.  Hill distilled his findings into a 13-step formula that begins and ends with very basic principles.  If you want to catch the PDF file its in here thinkandgrowrich_biz.pdf. 


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