For Pinoys: Business Opportunities in the Philippines

I have not read any comments asking me, is this really a Filipino business blog? If so, then why I haven’t seen any business tips or even business opportunities for Filipinos that should be posted here, considering that this blog, of course, is about business so to speak? 

While its true that this blog supposedly talking real business opportunities for Pinoys, however, I wanted the blog to start first as a collection of articles, eBooks, others that I think it will be a big help to the readers especially Pinoy venturing a business, of becomig entrepreneurs and those, of course, who wanted to start with their prospective businesses. Of course after everything else I will subsequently post things like business with starting capital of Php5,000.00, or something like what business can you make with Php50,000 and below, the list of business-ins, trend spotting as a business, trend setter a technique and guide, the small businesses I have ventured already, the businesses that were at the back of my head and the lots of negosyo’s out there in and out of the pipeline. 

So, there it is, this business blog as I wanted it, doesn’t pretend to be talking secrets of doing business in the Philippines and giving ticket to become a millionaire. Else, this blog will act as a guide in and out of the box and most importantly, shaping and providing you things you need in our chosen venture. Note however and remember that a business minded one or an entrepreneur doesn’t have to be told about business opportunities. One already recognizes a potential business venture as they smell it. The success of an entrepreneur is by seeing what is not obvious to others and this is the ability sets one apart from the rest. 

Anyhow, more to follow… 



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