Microsoft Windows Vista Bible: For Your Business

Much as I wanted to put this eBook at mid-year posting in this blog, but I think this one should be shared to everyone else ASAP.  Why? Because technology really is into a fast phasing mode…and now Microsoft Vista is somehow the talk of the town.  Ha ha! And who knows, by the time you open this eBook Microsoft Vista may have been migrated to Microsoft Larga Vista…we don’t even know!   Just a suggestion to Microsoft…but PAY Me should you use this name.  Copyright ko na to ha! Alan Simpson's Windows Vista Bible

Timely, I found this eBook by Alan Simpson entitled Windows Vista Bible and you can download the PDF file in here.  This one is for those businesses who already adopted Microsoft Vista as their OS for their chosen business whether SMEs, midsize to big one.   The book discusses tweaking of system, maximizing performance,  and builing network for small business or home office setting.


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