Loh Soo Kheng (S and G Trading Co.)

After a bad experience with an agent whom I met through a friend, I came across Bong’s website. I was impressed with its informative content and decided to give Bong a call. At that stage, I had already entrusted our SEC application with our then agent. It had been almost a month and a half and we weren’t even at the SEC submission stage!! I was desperate as we needed to form a partnership as soon as possible. Being a foreigner, there were other considerations. Bong missed my call but returned it a while later even though I was abroad! Subsequently,we corresponded and all the questions I had in the past month were answered in a day! We then decided to engage him even though I have never met him.

This is what I have to say about BCC:

1) He is responsive

2) He is well informed of current bureaucratic developments and is ready to answer all your questions succinctly

3) He delivers what he promises

4) He is the most efficient person dealing with Philippine government agencies that I have ever seen.

Loh Soo Kheng
S and G Trading
Quezon City, Philippines