Corporate Code of the Philippines [Sec. 23-35] TITLE III : BOARD OF DIRECTORS/TRUSTEES/OFFICERS Sec. 23. The board of directors or trustees. – Unless otherwise provided in this Code, the corporate powers of all corporations formed under this Code shall be exercised, all business conducted and all property of such corporations controlled and held by the board … Continue reading CORPORATION : BOARD OF DIRECTORS/TRUSTEES/OFFICERS


Court order issued by RTC Branch 126 Caloocan on BOA-PRC-QAR

Apparently, this court order copy issued by Caloocan RTC branch 128 has been floating around via emails since December 30, 2010.  Perhaps, it's about time to share this copy by means of this blog specially that I am getting a lot of queries about this subject. Anyhow, the meat of this order why it was favored by … Continue reading Court order issued by RTC Branch 126 Caloocan on BOA-PRC-QAR

The Quality Assurance Review (QAR).

What is QAR Program? The Quality Assurance Review (QAR ) Program is a step for improving the credibility and reliability of financial statements audited by Philippine auditors, be it done by an individual CPA practitioner or by a large CPA firm. The program was introduced by the Board of Accountancy (BOA) in accordance with the practice of CPAs around … Continue reading The Quality Assurance Review (QAR).