Recycling Business: Incentive-based approach

Yours truly is a consultant to a local government unit, particularly a Barangay.  And since I was one of those who thinks of how to grow the services and income of the barangay, thus, I proposed this idea of recycling business an incentive-based approach.  The objectives of this approach are (1) somehow a compliance of environment law, (2)  adhere solid … Continue reading Recycling Business: Incentive-based approach

The Home-Based Business Kit: From Hobby To Profit

This ebook is designed to help the reader identify the information needed to start a home business based on a hobby or special interest. It helps the reader think through all aspects of what is needed and the practical steps to take in order to get underway. These resources include financial as well as promotional assistance, … Continue reading The Home-Based Business Kit: From Hobby To Profit

The BIG Idea – Part III

Location….   Where you do business is very important. Very well said and obviously, you would want a location where you can do a lot of business and reap in as much profit as possible. Wherever you decide to do business, take time to reflect on these various concerns.  For example, would you want a Home-based … Continue reading The BIG Idea – Part III