A Professional Firm?

Blogging requires time and subject matter. Obviously, "BUZINESS 1", tackles business. Haha! Anyhow, like other individuals with a sort of etrep-mind, I too have explored several business(es), well of course, that sort of biz that will not only survive in recession time...but will also thrive...and most importantly it is within my capital budget to start … Continue reading A Professional Firm?


Try On-line Jobs and Work-at-home

I passed by Alfa Mercardo’s blog sometimes October of last year and read about this interesting piece -- work-at-home and other online jobs thingy –- which is worth re-posting in the Buziness 1 blogsite. But you can visit her blog also for more information. Technical requirements: A computer with good specifications. A headset. A reliable … Continue reading Try On-line Jobs and Work-at-home