Crowd Funding (or perhaps Cause-oriented Funding)

Yesterday, I was talking/blogging about facebook eating some of my time.  Yes, its true, but fascinatingly, did you know that money exist on this site?  Opportunity, exactly, Yes it is! You see, guys and gals, I am still a facebook newbie.  I only started using the site just recently, September of last year to be … Continue reading Crowd Funding (or perhaps Cause-oriented Funding)


Try making Pastilles, Cassava Cake, Leche Flan and Yema

Now that we are done doing the siopao recipe, let us try to explore another favorite food desert of Pinoys around the earth.  This one a simple recipe for making pastilles, cassava cake, leche flan and yema. All sweetz yeah…And these sweets might crack your first food business entry.  Who knows?   PASTILLAS DE LECHE Ingredients:  … Continue reading Try making Pastilles, Cassava Cake, Leche Flan and Yema

Who Moved My Cheese?

I first came to know this reading material, Who Moved My Cheese, by Dr. Spencer Johnson in a forwarded email from a friend. It was neatly presented in a PowerPoint slide tackling the best points.  It was a short one though. I got a hold of the book and it was interestingly written.    Cheese is … Continue reading Who Moved My Cheese?