Recycling Business: Incentive-based approach

Yours truly is a consultant to a local government unit, particularly a Barangay.  And since I was one of those who thinks of how to grow the services and income of the barangay, thus, I proposed this idea of recycling business an incentive-based approach.  The objectives of this approach are (1) somehow a compliance of environment law, (2)  adhere solid … Continue reading Recycling Business: Incentive-based approach


For Pinoys: Business Opportunities in the Philippines

I have not read any comments asking me, is this really a Filipino business blog? If so, then why I haven’t seen any business tips or even business opportunities for Filipinos that should be posted here, considering that this blog, of course, is about business so to speak?  While its true that this blog supposedly … Continue reading For Pinoys: Business Opportunities in the Philippines

Think and Grow Rich

This book is a collection of principles for the attainment of wealth and financial independence.  It was written by Napoleon Hill at the behest of American steel magnate Andrew Carnegie, who was fascinated with success and wanted to understand why some men became successful while others in very similar circumstances did not. Over two decades, … Continue reading Think and Grow Rich

Basic Steps in Business registration

I've got friends asking me how to deal with the messy papers and for running documents for business registration. I told them, it is but normal and it is required to do it so especially in the Philippines. Well, these messy papers are extremely needed in putting up a business. Anyhow, I came across to … Continue reading Basic Steps in Business registration