Business, debt is a safety net…

If you follow the 100 percent-leveraged philosophy, you’ll being the strongest of all positions. You can sit back and objectively assess the performance of the business. It’s difficult for laypeople to understand but the more debt your business has, the more patient creditors will be with you. The reason is simple. If your business fails, creditors stand to … Continue reading Business, debt is a safety net…


Eight (8) Steps to creating business plan

I found this article talking about simple steps in creating a business plan.  The steps are general in perspective but interesting.  So here goes, an addition to your knowledge bank. Your business plan is like a road map to long-term success. Have you ever been in a situation where you didn't have a map to … Continue reading Eight (8) Steps to creating business plan

Writing a Business Plan

I stumble upon this PDF file writing a business plan at an entrepreneur’s site.  Accordingly and very well said that your business plan is your roadmap for building your business and it's the admission ticket for the investment process. In order for you to succeed, your business plan has to be as good as it … Continue reading Writing a Business Plan

Strategic Planning For Dummies

Yes of course you wanted to know some business things before running it. I bumped this book from a bookstore around Quezon City that i wanted to share with you. Axly, a 4mb PDF file is already available around the net. If you are interested, you can download the PDF file here but requires free … Continue reading Strategic Planning For Dummies