How to Make Siopao Dough!

I am checking my dashboard today and I was kinda surprised that "search engine term" posted pretty much number of queries on how to make "siopao dough".  Anyhow, I have already posted here "do you know how to make siopao?" and surprisingly this topic recorded a nice number of hits.  Well, I guess people around now … Continue reading How to Make Siopao Dough!

Eight (8) Steps to creating business plan

I found this article talking about simple steps in creating a business plan.  The steps are general in perspective but interesting.  So here goes, an addition to your knowledge bank. Your business plan is like a road map to long-term success. Have you ever been in a situation where you didn't have a map to … Continue reading Eight (8) Steps to creating business plan

Crowd Funding (or perhaps Cause-oriented Funding)

Yesterday, I was talking/blogging about facebook eating some of my time.  Yes, its true, but fascinatingly, did you know that money exist on this site?  Opportunity, exactly, Yes it is! You see, guys and gals, I am still a facebook newbie.  I only started using the site just recently, September of last year to be … Continue reading Crowd Funding (or perhaps Cause-oriented Funding)

101 Ways to Have a Business and a Life

Here is another interesting reading material that you would like to consider reading. I have not read the eBook though.  But from its description I think it’s worth reading for.  Kinda interesting, I will browse the PDF sometimes.  The book accordingly describes as the simple, practical and easy-to-apply ideas in this guide will help business … Continue reading 101 Ways to Have a Business and a Life

The BIG Idea

You see guyz and gurls, owning your own business is one of the surest ways to establish financial security for you and your family. Correct?  Whether you have been in business for a long time or not, it pays to know your rights as a businessperson, as well as the legal environment of business. And … Continue reading The BIG Idea