Gasoline Depo – a business idea

I was watching an early news program, and I was a bit mesmerized when the subject matter shifted to used plastic materials, like plastic bags that for groceries and the styro material  for packed meals. Yes, these are biodegradable materials but commonly used by malls and fast food chains. Anyhow, I won’t be talking about … Continue reading Gasoline Depo – a business idea

Starting a START UP!

One thing for sure, the question of how to start a start-up business is the most basic question at the back of our mind. Anyhow, I came across to this site "How to Start a Startup" talking about things that are needed in creating a successful startup.  I would like to share this to you because … Continue reading Starting a START UP!

How to Make Siopao Dough!

I am checking my dashboard today and I was kinda surprised that "search engine term" posted pretty much number of queries on how to make "siopao dough".  Anyhow, I have already posted here "do you know how to make siopao?" and surprisingly this topic recorded a nice number of hits.  Well, I guess people around now … Continue reading How to Make Siopao Dough!

Who’s Helping SME’s in the Philippines (another list)

Here is another list of who are helping  small business / SMEs in the Philippines. These are microfinance institutions that may be of help to you and your businesses.  Here they are: ABS – CBN BAYAN MICROFINANCE FOUNDATION, INC. 2nd floor Calderon Bldg., 827 EDSA Quezon City 1100 9293273 (local 241); 9279365 Contact Raul I.E. … Continue reading Who’s Helping SME’s in the Philippines (another list)