Think BIG!

I am not promoting this site, but I think it’s worth visiting and browsing.  The site is called “BIG” or “Breakthrough Innovation Grant“. The organizers of the site are inviting Entrepreneurs and Owners of Small and Medium Sized Businesses to simply submit an innovative business idea that will alleviate poverty in the Philippines.  Wow, this is amazing di ba?

Heto pa, according to the site the winner will be given U$20,000, in cold cash? or if we calculate this using an exchange rate of U$1:Php50, its a Php1.0M na tumatanginting!  And the thing is it is so simple –  all you have to do is to submit your innovative business ideas, take note, your proposals must be innovative, resourceful, scalable, and fit the particular needs of the Philippines to drive wealth creation plus it will serve as a as drivers for poverty alleviation and social improvement.

If you browse through the site, the entries’ tab, you will notice that there are already a quite a number of entries.  I have not gone reading the entries, but I think the participants posted good business ideas.  You may crunch an idea just by reading it.  Who knows? Copying is not evil, just put a sense on it.

One thing I noticed on the site, however, is that the criteria for judging for a certain project are too broad — it must be innovative, resourceful, scalable, and fit the particular needs of the Philippines to drive wealth creation.  There must be a certain-specific percentage of something or what not.  And the thing is, everyone, all the participants seems making their stuff on the top by the number of likes?

Anyhow, the finalists will be announced on April 1, 2011. So, pwede pa… go, submit if you have one.


How to register a NON-Stock, NON-Profit CORPORATION with the Philippines SEC

This blog is having a lot of queries on how to register a non-stock and non-profit corporation. Thus, I thought that it’s about time to write one for all the readers and by passer out there. Anyhow, I tried to run a query via google search engine, and some relevant sites came up with the same answers. Next, I checked out SEC and to my surprise the procedures still are the same. So, for the benefits of those who are surfing, reading, visiting and passing by my blog, here are the steps to be followed:

1. Verify and reserve the proposed corporate name. You could do this the hard way, at the SEC Verification Unit, located at the SEC Building, EDSA, Greenhills, Mandaluyong City (right across the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration [POEA] and the EDSA Shrine). If you want to make your life a bit easier, you could do the verification and registration online, through the SEC-iRegister, a 24-7 portal.  After paying the reservation fee, you will get a Name Verification Slip, which is submitted together with the other requirements.

2. Prepare the Articles of Incorporation and By-laws. Blank forms are also available from the Company Registration and Monitoring Department (CRMD). The drafting of the Articles of Incorporation and the By-laws, as well as the other requirements, could also be done by your lawyer.

HOWEVER, in lieu of the authorized capital stock requiring 25% subscriptions of the authorized capital stocks and the attestation in the Treasurer’s affidavit that at least 25% of the subscribed stocks had been paid, for non-stock/non-profit corporation, it only requires the corporation to state the amount of capital or money contributed or donated by specified persons.

So there…

Ah, plus the names, nationalities, and residences of the contributors or donors as well as the respective amounts given by each.  And remember it must be on an itemized presentation.  Take note also, and this is a major major requirement, the majority of members should be a resident of the Philippines.  With this provision, a foreigner can put up 100% foreign owned non-stock, non-profit corporation. Why, because the “code” only requires that the majority of its members should have Philippine residency.

3. Last step is the submission of a Bank Certificate of Paid In Capital or Working Capital to Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission.

ANYHOW, for Foundation —

(a) a notarized Certificate of Bank Deposit of the contribution of not less than P1,000,000.00 ; and

(b) a statement of willingness to allow the Commission to conduct an audit.